Image credit Photo credit: Imurchan
I am a visual artist who lives and works in Glasgow. Curiosity drives my practice, exploring the human experience of artmaking and how the immersion of body and mind into that process can have healing benefits. I seek to find meaning through self-exploration and by making playful connections between the mediums with which I work.  ​​​​​​​
Combining movement, sound and gestural mark-making, I create visceral imagery that reveals the unconscious flow of energy in the making process. Every mark I make is a trace of my body, reflecting the impermanent nature of the human body's sensations and emotions. Simultaneously I permanently record individual moments in time and make the invisible visible.
I often seek to push boundaries in the making process. During the MLitt course, I made an etching by dancing directly onto the steel plate. I disseminated my somatic response to music using my feet via a series of marks. Building on this, I designed a process that displaces carborundum grit with vibrations created by music to create collagraph plates. The grit particles formed patterns fixed on the plates with layers of varnish, which I printed as a series of etchings.
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