Image credit Imurchan
I am a visual artist who lives and works in Glasgow. My practice explores somatic expression. Combining movement, sound and gesture I create work which is visceral, and captures my personal connection between materials and surface. It reveals the unconscious flow of energy which occurs in the making process. Every mark I make is a trace of my individual hand, and reflects the constantly changing nature of our bodies and emotions. 
My curiosity to learn new processes is constant. I’m currently developing a process which uses carborundum grit and sound to create collagraph plates, to print a series of etchings. The grit is sprinkled over mounting board which sits on top of a speaker. Playing music creates vibrations which disperse the grit into patterns. The grit is then fixed using layers of glue and varnish, before being printed using the traditional etching process. The resulting prints have an ethereal quality, leaving the viewer to draw their own interpretation.
In 2016 I relocated back to Glasgow to transition into working in the creative industries. Since then, I have co-founded two creative Community Interest Companies, Print Clan and Glasgow Initiative of Facilitation & Therapy (GIFT). I am currently director and creative facilitator for GIFT. There are three strands to my professional work: co-facilitating group art therapy for children and young people, running community arts projects and advocacy work with children and young people.
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