I went to Kilbride Bay for two nights in July, to perform the drawing of my three gestures of self-healing in the sand using a life-size 'pencil' I found on the beach.

I chose this spot as it was deserted, and although I enjoy working large scale, feel that my work is private at this stage and want to focus on the freedom of working large scale outdoors.

I drew the three gestures three times, on each of two visits to the beach. Overnight, the sea had come in and cleared my canvas ready for me to create something new. I also observed that I had more or less space to work on the beach, depending on how far in the tide was at that given moment.

I felt very attuned to nature working in this way, and enjoyed the physicality of making the work. The idea of finding secret spots to work outdoors is exciting, and something I would like to take forward on a future project.
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